I currently study at the University of Zurich, finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, specialising in Software Systems.

I have particular interest in the field of Data Science and Big Data.

Right now, I am a Tutor for Informatik IIb, Algorithms and Data Structures.

At the time, I achieved experience in the following skill fields:

  • Java Frameworks: Spring Data Rest, Apache Map/Reduce and Apache Spark.
  • C/C++ Frameworks: OpenMP
  • Numerical and Scientific Calculations: Matlab
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Divemaster and Dive Leader in the professional association of diving instructors (PADI).
  • Capable of speaking 3 languages including Greek, German, English. Also fluent in Swiss and Cypriot dialect.


Vice President, Business Club of the University of Zurich, a small NPO which helps enhance both networking and communication between Students and Businesses.

It’s also worth mentioning, that I served the Cyprus Military Police Department for 2 years, in the rank of Sergeant.